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Mother, Founder, Wordsmith, V. Opinionated person on lots and lots of things. My very best things in life - Finn (14), Cally (11) & Ana (26)

I am a big believer in verbalising the nice thoughts that meander through my mind.  So I often compliment people as I trundle through my days.  Could be someone I know, could be someone I don’t.  I just sort of figure that it is free, easy and often makes the recipient feel happy.   What […]

Lately I have found myself talking quite a bit with women in various stages of new mamadom about travelling with kids.  And each of these women expressed concern about having to give up their love of travel once they had kids.  They felt that it was an insurmountable mountain to climb with children.   I […]

I think a lot of women spoil their man by redirecting all of their maternal energy onto him before actually having babies. We have all this maternal instinct and in the absence of a baby we tend to baby our menfolk.  ‘Let me do that for you, get that for you, find that for you…..’  […]

You are my sunshine…   (My only sunshine – You make me happy when skies are grey.)   Whenever I speak with new mamas (almost all mamas actually) I hear the dichotomy of the strong, strong magnetic pull towards baby and the slightly guilty need to break away and rediscover herself as a single entity. […]

It Can Be Totally Overwhelming.   There are things you may be feeling, that no one is really talking about.  I wanted to delve into some of that just because it is really nice to know that you are not alone.  That it is normal.  That it will pass.   I try really hard to […]

As I sit here absolutely comatose with jet lag – I am filled with vivid memories of the months after giving birth and the feeling of such immense exhaustion that another step felt almost impossible.   Prior to having children, my habit was 8-9 hours a night.  I have always been a prolific sleeper, a […]

Countless times when I was pregnant perfect strangers would walk up to my husband and I and say things like – ‘going to see a movie? Enjoy it while you can! Once you have that baby nothing will be the same’.  Or ‘Going out for dinner (for a walk, out to eat, to buy groceries…) […]

Don’t be afraid of discomfort   In our modern day lives we do a lot of things to avoid discomfort.  But if we can learn to relax when we feel it, we might be surprised at how quickly it passes and how much we can learn and grow from it.   Discomfort is completely different […]

I love you, I hate you.   As with many of my posts, I am putting down on paper a conversation I have had with hundreds of women over the years.  It started with my personal experience and has grown into a theory that resonates with so many that I think it is worth sharing […]

Welcome to the world Little Prince George Alexander Louis   It is kind of exciting that this sweet little baby prince has been born, in some ways he is all of ours.  We will see so many photos of him as he grows up – we will feel we know him, and we will track […]