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Mother, Founder, Wordsmith, V. Opinionated person on lots and lots of things. My very best things in life - Finn (14), Cally (11) & Ana (26)

Countless times when I was pregnant perfect strangers would walk up to my husband and I and say things like – ‘going to see a movie? Enjoy it while you can! Once you have that baby nothing will be the same’.  Or ‘Going out for dinner (for a walk, out to eat, to buy groceries…) […]

Have you been doing Yoga during your pregnancy? It is amazing, here are a few reasons why…   1.You will become stronger – yes it is a lot of laying around and stretching but in the midst of all of that you will build strength.  Isn’t that cool?   2.Relieves tension in neck shoulders and […]

There is a tiny, tiny window in the first half of January where our thoughts are focused on what we want from the year and enjoying a little big picture pondering.  This is a rare opportunity that usually does not come again until your August Holiday.  So grab it and hang on to it and […]

“On time’ is the time when we are on duty – as employees, as moms, as the person someone is counting on.  ‘Off Time’ is when you are allowed to relax and do what you want to do.  Sometimes we get off time every day and sometimes it is once a week.  The question is […]

In a lot of ways it is lovely frumping about in your stretchy leggings and just not worrying about what you look like.  The pressure is off to look your best.  You are a very busy woman doing very important work (building a new person – what is more important or difficult than that?!).  But […]

Today my son turned 12.   And every year on my son’s birthdays,  I set aside some time, both with them and later when they are asleep without them, to allow my mind to roll back to the day he was born.   I remember the lead up to the day, the combination of overwhelming […]

It seemed crazy impossible that I would ever forget the magical moments of my son’s 18 months.  The day he first spoke, the day he first walked, what he ate, what made him laugh, the funny things he started saying as his speech capacity caught up with his mind.   But I have forgotten so […]

We are so used to feeling in control. Striving, planning, implementing so much of our lives is about control.  I think that can be one of the hardest lessons to learn with having a baby, that ultimately we are no longer in control.   It always makes me smile when I hear women talking about […]

A beginners guide to Halloween   Halloween is the weirdest and best holiday EVER!  You get to dress up in totally ridiculous escapism costumes and you get to ring doorbells of strangers and they will give you candy.  That combines fashion, socialising and sugar: three of my favourite things! Trust me, you need to start […]

Your wonderful world of two has suddenly been usurped by a third.   And lets face it, this little interloper is by far the favourite, cuter, funnier, more loveable than either of you ever have been.  But the new love of your lives is uber demanding of your time, energy and mental focus.   So it […]