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About My Motherhood

Every week we have asked a supermama we admire to share her thoughts on the subject of motherhood. It maybe someone we know well, or someone we have just met, but she will have an interesting way of looking at the world. We are loving reading these stories, and hope that you will too!

The decision to try for a baby came quickly and easily. For us, the pregnancy came easily too, and the whole nine months (OK, the last six months) were a dreamy happiness. In meetings at work I’d stroke my bump and think, I’ve got a future here inside me, and I’ve got company.   I […]

I was done being selfish. I’d had enough of looking after myself. I was ready to embrace it, whatever this mysterious thing called motherhood had in store for me.   Or so I thought. Because no description, no book, magazine or guide, prepares you for this brave new world. And that’s what it is. A […]

My motherhood makes me feel like one lucky lady. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the grand old age of 23 and 6 months later told babies were not a certainty. Crazy menopausal drugs followed, which brought tropical hot flush moments aplenty. At this point doctors warned me to not wait for a career, a […]

I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but I also always wanted to be a midwife and that was always going to come first. But life doesn’t always turn out how you plan…   I was 23 when I had my first daughter and all my friends were living their lives to the max in London, […]

My wedding day mantra was: Enjoy the moment. I repeated it throughout the day and primed my friends to whisper it in my ear at opportune moments.   What I didn’t want to do was spend the time walking up the aisle thinking about saying my vows, or on the way to reception wondering whether […]

If I am honest I think I have always wanted to be a mum. I was the youngest of four children and I was always keen for my mum to have another baby so I could help her look after it. But quite rightly she felt four was enough…   My twenties were quite full-on […]

Moments of control to moments of utter chaos – pretty much sum up the past five years for me. As a mother of two girls, with a 17-month age gap between them, it’s been busy. And, if I’m brutally honest not always that much fun. I had a difficult (albeit natural) birth with my first […]

Not having a mother of my own for over a decade, and losing multiple babies at varying stages of pregnancy as a result of a rather nasty immune problem, meant I never took my motherhood for granted for a single second. I developed cancer in my eighth month of pregnancy and so, the delicious promise […]

Ahh, motherhood. From the early months of persistent and violent sickness and weeble-like waddling  to my robust and beautiful little ladies getting set for school, this roller coaster ride shows no signs of abating.   My amazing twins, Eva and Mia, are the gifts I never thought I would see. Living with endometriosis since the […]

My motherhood by Jules Canterbury   I think it’s taken me 18 months to come to ‘terms’ with the fact that I’m a mother. It’s a strange label in our society, almost pejorative, a bit like wife. And it took me ages to come to terms with being one of those too.   I think […]