My Motherhood

About My Motherhood

Every week we have asked a supermama we admire to share her thoughts on the subject of motherhood. It maybe someone we know well, or someone we have just met, but she will have an interesting way of looking at the world. We are loving reading these stories, and hope that you will too!

Holding my baby girl in my arms for the first time, I felt like a superhero. Granted, a superhero from the last scene of a movie, torn limb from limb and lying in a gutter clinging to their last breath by a thread – but a superhero nonetheless. I had made it through this massive […]

I read books from cover to cover, attended a course of antenatal classes, and sat with other mums hungrily swallowing up any advice they could offer. But there was one part of motherhood I was completely unprepared for – the guilt.     I loved this little person with all my might, but I wanted […]

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you are handed your baby. You really have no idea how you are going to feel until it happens. When I had my first baby, Fraser, he was tiny – really tiny – and everyone kept commenting on how small he was but I didn’t notice, I was […]

One of the scariest parts about becoming a mother for the first time was the fact that there seemed to be so much to learn! I would read the books talking about sterilising and weaning and wouldn’t have a clue what the words even meant – even holding a baby seemed daunting! Most of my […]

I don’t think I had, for even one moment, any idea of what motherhood was about until my first baby was placed in my arms. Of course you think you know what’s coming; constant nappy changes, sleepless nights and enough peek-a-boos and play dates to last a lifetime. And you know your social life is […]

Like most things, motherhood is everything I thought it would be, and yet, nothing at all. The (my?) ultimate dichotomy between expectation and reality. The days are long but the years are short someone once told me. That about sums up my experience so far.   I didn’t expect to come face to face with my selfishness, […]

My motherhood began with a kick to the stomach in the middle of yoga class. I thought it was a muscle twitching but nope it was my baby girl saying ‘Hi mama!’   It is overwhelming. I am the first of my close friends to embark on this journey and you don’t know what you […]

It’s the love – indescribable to anyone except a mother; an ache in my heart that can’t be matched.   When I became a mama to my first girl, the light bulb moment came when I ‘got’ the meaning of life – the circle of life just made sense.   As my girls grow, so […]

Planning for the future, living in the present.   At this point in our lives we are planning ten years out.  What financial position will be in when our daughter is 13? What sense of freedom lost will we regain at some later date after some smart investing? Pushing 40, I always thought my life […]

My motherhood is, in a nutshell, complicated.   I think it’s true what they say about nothing prepares you for becoming a parent and here I am, ten years later, and I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing. There is a lot of learning on the job that I didn’t expect, I honestly […]