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There are many women who work within the world of Mama Mio. This is the place where all of our voices can be heard, it is an amalgamation of ideas, experiences and writings.

Did you turn the air blue when you were giving birth or stay as cool as a cucumber? And if you’ve got a baby on the way – which of these types will you be?   The potty mouths Potty mouths come out of nowhere. In fact, the quiet ones are the most likely to […]

You might find your routine has got a bit less ‘streamlined’ now that there’s an extra little person to think about… But order can be restored – and it’s not just good for you, it’s good for your baby too. Check out our top five tips for getting organised…   A clean sweep Your house […]

If you’re thinking of hosting a baby shower – for yourself or a pregnant friend – remember, this is not a normal party. But if a Princess can do it, then so can you. Check out Mama Mio’s tips…   Who? Usually, it’s a best friend or sister that hosts the baby shower. It’s like […]

Feel like you’re public property now you’ve got a bump? Here are our top five things that make us want to shout, “Leave me alone”… and what to do about them.   “That’s a ten pounder, for sure” Gee, thanks, lady at the checkout in the supermarket. Because it’s my first and I already have […]

So, you’ve had a baby. Wow. It’s all a bit crazy isn’t it? But your life isn’t all that’s changed. You have, too – and get this: it’s for the better. …stronger Remind yourself of what you’ve achieved physically – you’ve brought a human being into the world, and that takes a lot of strength. […]

The first trip out of the house with your newborn… daunting just doesn’t cover it. Don’t worry; the Mama Mio experts have some solutions.   Drive on Your first trip out in the car with your baby can be scary, so get in a practice run first while your partner or husband is still off […]

And we’re not talking about how ‘sore’ giving birth is, because everyone tells you that. We’re talking about the reality of being a mum. So, let’s get real with our top three home truths… You will either love being pregnant or you will hate it And the fact is, it will probably be the opposite […]

There’s a certain irony in the fact that something that was created by lovemaking has the ability to destroy all urges to do any lovemaking. But don’t worry, it’s not forever. Here are our five phases of your mama sex life… Phase 1 – The mama-to-be You won’t get pregnant, because you’re already erm… pregnant. […]

  While it’s worth bearing in mind that births don’t always go to plan, it’s helpful to write down your preferences so that you, your partner, your midwife or doctor can see what you’d ideally like to happen when the big day arrives. “So what is a birth plan, exactly?” It’s a handy way of […]

Here’s the lowdown on strange pregnancy symptoms – the weird things that happen during the nine month s-t-r-e-t-c-h – and what you can do to feel a bit more like ‘you’ again… Itchiness… is usually to do with increased blood supply, and later in pregnancy, because the skin is stretched. Moisturise – and make sure […]