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There are many women who work within the world of Mama Mio. This is the place where all of our voices can be heard, it is an amalgamation of ideas, experiences and writings.

Pregnancy is the biggest challenge your skin will ever face. Think about it… you’re going to grow 30+ inches in 40 weeks and then shrink back down, then in a few years time – hit repeat! Ageing, sun damage, gravity – those all happen over a period of years. Pregnancy happens in a period of […]

Swollen feet and legs during pregnancy is known as ‘oedema’, a condition which means that your body is holding onto too much fluid. 90 percent of pregnant women suffer from oedema in pregnancy, which varies from mild to severe. So you’re not alone – but what can you do about it?   Puffy legs in […]

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing – but it can take a minor toll on your beauty routine. That’s because, if you’re breastfeeding, you might find that your body needs a bit of help getting extra hydration. Drinking plenty of water is one way of dealing with it – but here are some other ways of […]

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about when you’ve just had a baby, good old Mother Nature has another surprise for new mums – post-pregnancy hair loss. Yes, it’s true. Alongside not having much sleep, when you go for a shower, your hair will come out in clumps. You’re a lucky lady…   […]

If you’re having a hospital birth rather than a homebirth, one of the exciting bits of preparation is packing your bag. But have you remembered our top five items?   Don’t forget your feet Your body is too busy during labour to do things like keep your extremities warm, which is why you can often […]

Remember sleep? It’s that thing that makes you feel human the next day: you might recall it from before your baby was born. And one day, you might experience it again. But in the meantime, here are some tips on how to cope when you’re not having very much…   Share the load… Right from […]

Clothes designed especially for breastfeeding mums used to live in the land that fashion forgot. But times have changed, and these days you can feed your baby and look fabulous too…   It wasn’t so long ago that breastfeeding women were pretty much confined to barracks. But a lot has changed in the space of […]

Are you about to have your baby – and struggling to stay chilled out in the warmer weather? Read our top five tips for being a cool mama to be…   As cold as ice Make use of your freezer. Ice cream is soothing for third trimester indigestion, but also try healthy alternatives like frozen […]

Did you have a certain style you thought you’d follow before your little bundle of joy came along? So did we. Here are the five mama plans you’ll always tear up…   You thought you’d only buy hand-painted wooden toys… Here’s the truth: if it’s plastic, makes a cacophony of random beeping noises and doesn’t […]

Lack of sleep, hormones, dehydration from breastfeeding – let’s face it, the odds are against you on the beauty front when you have a newborn. Here are Mama Mio’s top tips for making yourself look – and more importantly feel – a little better in those tricky first few weeks.   A wakeup call Even […]