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There are many women who work within the world of Mama Mio. This is the place where all of our voices can be heard, it is an amalgamation of ideas, experiences and writings.

Being pregnant at Christmas: you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. This week… we’re hating it. Next week, come back and find out the good news!   If you’re going to be pregnant this Christmas, be warned – it’s just about the least festive you are ever going to feel. First up, when you’ve […]

By Jayne Rodgers   Any parent reading this will know what an overwhelming responsibility hits you when you see your child for the first time. ‘This is so magical/blessed/beautiful/cosmic/wow’ etc – they’re the first kind of thoughts to flood your mind. Then comes the foreboding: ‘What if I get it all wrong?’   When Bibi […]

Christmas when you’re pregnant can be all sorts of not much fun. You can’t fit into your favourite party dresses, you can’t have a glass of bubbly, your morning sickness makes the smell of turkey pretty much the worst thing ever and your swollen feet turns Christmas shopping into a real chore…   So if […]

By Clare Hitchings   DESPITE a grade ‘C’ in GCSE Textiles and years of occasionally successful home baking attempts, I was never prepared for what was to be expected of me as the mother of a one-year-old.   In your first few months of motherhood you can get away with most things because you have […]

A lot of us go for brand-new when we have our first baby. But in an age of recycling – and credit crunches – does this really make sense… especially when all the nice things get pooed on anyway…?   When you get pregnant, it can feel like a whole new world of retail therapy […]

By Alice Grist   Being a Mama is for me the most soulful and spiritual experience this world has to offer. Not only do you occupy godlike status in the eyes of your little children (though perhaps not the big ones), but you also have experienced the gift of giving, influencing and raising new life. […]

Breastfeeding is all sorts of fabulous – challenging, rewarding, great for you and your baby. Oh and convenient, free… the list goes on. But the one thing it shouldn’t be is painful.   If your nipples are sore when you start breastfeeding, it might be that they’re just getting used to the hungry sucking of […]

Pain relief in labour is a much-discussed subject. Too little and it’s hard to cope – too much and you can feel you didn’t know what was going on, and the progression of your delivery can suffer. Which camp are you in when it comes to easing the pain of childbirth?   GIVE ME THE […]

So, you’ve had the same boobs ever since they appeared in puberty, give or take a little weight gain or loss here and there – and suddenly, as soon as you conceive, they change so much it’s like they’ve turned into someone else’s. Check out our top tips for treasuring your chest during the nine-month […]

A line on a pregnancy test is always a good indicator… but as anyone who has tried to conceive will know, it’s not that simple. For a start, pregnancy tests are really expensive, and secondly, it’s easier to look for symptoms first before you head off to the loo wee on a stick. So what […]