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There are many women who work within the world of Mama Mio. This is the place where all of our voices can be heard, it is an amalgamation of ideas, experiences and writings.

Before you’ve had a baby it’s easy to raise an eyebrow at the mama in the supermarket handing her little one the end of the baguette she hasn’t paid for yet, just to keep him quiet. But it’s a different story when it’s your hungry tot – and it’s your sanity. Here are our favourite […]

You can help protect against stretch marks in pregnancy – and we know or thing or two about that – but if you do get them, then what? Well, try not to worry too much – you got a lovely baby out of it! Then follow our five steps to help minimise them…   Act […]

If you’ve got a bun in the oven, you might be feeling a little… yawn… worn out. At the start of pregnancy, it’s all about hormones and the hard work your body is doing creating a new person. And towards the end, it’s the strain of carrying about a baby 24 hours a day! Whichever […]

Mother nature can be a bit mean sometimes. Not only do you have a world of strange symptoms to cope with when you are pregnant, you might also find that instead of that ‘pregnancy glow’, you have a bunch of zits that pop up out of nowhere – for the first time since you were […]

If you’re due date is looming, you’re probably already aware that quite soon, there will certain things that you won’t be able to do again for quite a while… So instead of watching box sets of Mad Men and eating chocolate buttons, why not write a list of the things you plan to do pre-baby? […]

Have you started the new year with a new baby? It’s a challenging time – so the odd worry is par for the course. Try and remember that each obstacle you overcome allows you to add to your pot of experience which will make you better at coping next time. Here are our top five […]

If you’re worried about bringing in 2014 in style when you’ve got a bun in the oven – we don’t blame you! It can be hard to feel in the party mood when you’re eating, drinking – and dancing – for two. Here are our top five tips for celebrating in style…   Dig in […]

If you’re expecting, you might be wondering how you’re going to manage those Christmas parties with a boring old orange juice in your hand. Don’t despair – we’ve got our five favourite alcohol-free cocktail recipes to share with you. Cheers!   PINA COLADA What you need… 2oz coconut milk 1½oz crushed pineapple 1oz pineapple juice […]

Before you became a mama, a dose of the winter sniffles meant a day at home with a big box of tissues, a DVD box set and a large dose of self-pity. These days, it’s all different…   The thing about being ill when you have little ones to look after is that they don’t […]

Being pregnant at Christmas: you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. Last week, we were hating it – this week… we’re loving it. Tell us which camp you’re in in the comments below!   If you’re going to be pregnant this Christmas, we’re very, very excited for you. Because what could be more magical […]