At Close of the Day

“On time’ is the time when we are on duty – as employees, as moms, as the person someone is counting on.  ‘Off Time’ is when you are allowed to relax and do what you want to do.  Sometimes we get off time every day and sometimes it is once a week.  The question is what is the ritual you have to let yourself feel you are off duty.


When I want to draw the line between my ‘on time’ and ‘off time’  I tend to turn towards  booze or bad tv.  A glass of wine is a sure fire message that I have switched off the on duty sign and am relaxing.  OR it is by slumping in front of the tv and letting it wash over me while I stare unblinking at the pretty colours.


But why do I sell my downtime so short? Because both of my rituals – involve dumbing down my brain.  Why don’t I find a way to give my off time better energy?


And so I have started with a few different rituals that put my mind back on fire rather than numbing it!


1.Taking a 20 minute bath.! I have been using our new Liquid Yoga bath soak and what started out as new product testing has turned into a lovely addition to my evening.  Sometimes if I am totally exhausted it knocks me out – but then the truth is that is exactly what I need.  But if I take a bath before going out to dinner, or starting my evening my mind is fresh relaxed open and interested in engaging.  It is really cool – and I am loving it. PS: I have tried this with and without my phone in the bath.  It is a million squillion times better without.  So please heed my advice and leave any devices on the other side of the locked door.



2.Taking a 15 minute walk.  It is just a way of clearing my head, and almost physically taking me from A to B.  (A being “on’ and B being ‘off’).  I walk briskly, again no devices, letting my thoughts slowly calm as I just open my eyes and see.





4.Bad TV



OK – so sometimes a glass of wine or a crap show is just the thing you need!  Life is about balance right?


Have a fantastic Holiday Season and make the most of your ‘Off Time’  You deserve to give you your best.


Tanya x



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