A Family of Nomads

Lately I have found myself talking quite a bit with women in various stages of new mamadom about travelling with kids.  And each of these women expressed concern about having to give up their love of travel once they had kids.  They felt that it was an insurmountable mountain to climb with children.


I beg to differ.


I am a nomad at heart and am never happier than when I have my passport in my pocket.  So it was essential to me that my kids travel – travel well, travel far, travel often and love travel.


My son’s first passport photo depicts a sweet little beany baby at 2 weeks old.


Travel was a grand ambition, as I didn’t even leave my postcode for the first two months! But I knew that he had travel in his DNA and so at 4 months with my mom firmly at my elbow for confidence – off we trotted (ok, lumbered under the weight of a 4 bags filled with a thousand ‘essentials’) to Paris.  And once we checked in, we barely left the hotel…but in making the journey I had shown myself it was possible.


At six months it was a transatlantic flight to his grandparents….I was so ready for everything.   Gone were the floppy flights of movies magazines and snoozing (or boozing) – this trip was all military precision with a bag full of labelled bottles, meals, calpol, and emergency precautions. I was on full alert the entire trip with a drink, snack, toy, wipe for every possibility.  And we did it, he was a pro! We survived, we prospered, we enjoyed and I could place yet another tick on my travel achievements.


And it has just kind of rolled from there…trips to here, trips to there, trips to near, trips to far.  My boys are epic travellers.  AMAZING.  They speak airport fluently, can order room service in any country, can smell an adventure and follow their noses no matter the language.  It is a shared passion that binds us, and I am so glad that I wove this love of travel into their fabric.


This year we travelled to the deepest depths of Wyoming – which involved two flights (which all together took 23 hours), 5 hours sleep in a motel before a pre-dawn drive with my eldest on sat nav and my youngest on DJ.  We stopped in the middle of a national park at 430 am and climbed on the roof of our rental car and snuggling in against the morning freeze.  As we lay there looking at the unadulterated sky it became ablaze with shooting stars.  We counted 15 between us.  It was a pinnacle travel moment for me, and I thanked all my lucky stars that the three of us were there at the right time with the right attitude and the right connection to witness it.

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