A day in the life of a pregnancy…

So, you’re pregnant – which means a lot of changes, including a different schedule for your day. Check out our tips for making the most of every 24 hours you spend with your bump…


Rise and shine

If lying in bed is uncomfortable or your baby is an early bird and starts kicking at dawn – you might be waking early. Try to make use of the time and make a ‘To Do’ list to prepare for your day or deal with your emails. If nausea hits first thing try ginger tea and stick to dry, bland food for breakfast, such as toast.


Morning break

If you feel your energy levels flagging as the morning progresses, check to see if you are drinking enough water as dehydration can impact your performance at work. Keep snacks in your desk drawer, or handbag if you’re out and about. Breadsticks or ginger biscuits are a good stand-by if your nausea is brought on by hunger.


Let’s do lunch

Once you’ve eaten your healthy lunch, why not take a walk or join a lunchtime antenatal fitness class – you might not feel like it in the evenings. Latest research also shows that Vitamin D (which we get from sunshine) is crucial to foetal development. Or if you have an afternoon slump, try a relaxation or pamper session at this time. How about a pregnancy spa treatment?


The social network

You might not feel like heading out again once you get home, so try using your post-work time to keep your social life going. Head out for an early evening dinner or cinema trip and you can be home before you are too tired. Keep some Lucky Legs Cooling Serum in your bag if your feet are feeling tired and swollen by the end of your busy day.


And so to bed

Before you go to bed, enjoy some chill out time and bond with your bump while you massage in your Tummy Rub oil or butter. Then try and get as much sleep as you can – seven to nine hours, ideally. Lie on your side to aid blood flow to your baby and reduce swelling – and to get comfy, try putting pillows between your legs and under your bump.


What changes did you make to your daily routine when you were pregnant? Tell us on the comments below!

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